Important NEW guidelines for RV’s and & Tow Behind Campers and Trailers

Due to Fire Department compliance & public safety concerns, the following vehicle types will require an RV Pass, and can NOT be parked in the regular campgrounds:

• All tow-behind campers, trailers or recreational vehicles (regardless of the length)
• Any vehicle with a generator or onboard propane tank 21lbs or over (one that is built into your vehicle)
• Any vehicle, over 25 feet

Vehicles fitting one or more of the above descriptions require an RV parking pass, to be purchased in advance of the fest. If you have any questions or if you need an RV pass this year, please call the office!

IMPORTANT: There are no reservations for specific RV locations. Once you get to Vibes, you will be directed to your RV space. Specific spaces may not be reserved ahead of time even if you have additional parking passes such as: Family, Boardie, Sober, or Handy Camping, etc. This also includes VIP ticket holders.

Each person who enters the show in the RV must also have a Weekend Camping Pass (including the driver). Did we mention that RV Passes are sold on a first-come-first-served basis and sell out quickly?!