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Our Mission

Our environmental sustainability goals are simple and bold; we want to reduce negative human impact on our ecosystems and encourage responsible stewardship toward the land, air, sea, and renewable energy resources.

We are looking to harness the power of our musical community and transform the world. We need to go beyond “leaving nothing but footprints” and work together to create a real legacy of positive social and environmental impact. Our Green Vibes Initiatives outline the specific actions we’re undertaking as producer and host of the event, and specific ways VibeTribe can work with us to maximize our positive impact and bring about meaningful change.

As we plan to make this Gathering of the Vibes the greenest Vibes yet, we’re continuing to focus our energies on reducing our carbon footprint and further expanding our recycling program to bring us closer to our ultimate goal of being a zero-waste event. Volunteers will be onsite providing information on how, by joining our Green Vibes Carbon Cutters team, we can join together to reduce our overall carbon footprint. Embracing renewable energies such as wind, solar, bio fuels and small hydro are tangible things we all can do to make a real difference now. Our musical community has an opportunity, and even a responsibility, to demonstrate our leadership in this area and to set an example for others to follow as we continue on this journey together.

2015 Green Accomplishments

With your help, Gathering of the Vibes made further strides toward reducing our eco footprint.

  • 22,000 pounds of recycling was gathered and kept out of landfills.
  • 12,516 lbs of non-perishable food,hygiene goods, and clothing donated to local food banks
  • The Green Vibes Carbon Cutters, our carbon reduction team, is now almost 900 members strong and has prevented close to 2 tons of CO2 from going into the atmosphere.
  • Extensive mass transit and carpooling options provided: Seaside Park is within close proximity to buses, trains and ferries. Shuttle buses are available for those staying at nearby hotels.
  • Vendor donation of unused food to local food banks and soup kitchens
  • Food and beverage vendors use compostable products
  • Environmental & social action awareness opportunities for attendees through our Green Vibes Stage workshops.
  • Solar-powered cell phone charging station
  • Event Programs were printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks

Greening Tips For Festival Attendees

Know Before You Go…

  • Consider buying food from local farmers’ markets or bringing it from your own garden.
  • Before your arrival, repackage all of your food into reusable containers.
  • Bring re-usable cups, plates, napkins, etc. This will cut down on the amount of trash, recycling
    and compost you produce at the festival.

Trash Your Trash

  • Re-use is the name of the game! Try to re-use your plates, utensils, cups, etc.
  • Secure your campsite belongings well to reduce wind blown trash and litter.
  • Separate your waste into categories for trash and recycling.
  • Do your part to clean up any litter you see during the festival. Be a model for others.
  • After the festival, pack out everything you brought with you. Leave the area as nice or better
    than you found it.

Leave It as You Find It

  • Leave plants, rocks and other natural objects as you find them, so others can enjoy them.
  • Turn off faucets and showers when finished to save water.

Be Careful With Fire

  • Use a camp stove for cooking. Stoves are easier to cook on and create less impact than a fire (camp fires are NOT allowed at Gathering of the Vibes).

Be Considerate of Others

  • Respect the community that you are visiting. By being a model festival-goer, you can ensure
    that the Bridgeport community will welcome us back for years to come.
  • Follow the golden rule of festivals: treat other attendees and locals as you would want to be treated.
  • Establish a clean and green camping community! Collaborate with other nearby campers to
    share your resources and to Leave No Trace in a fun and festive manner!