Tapers Section

Live concert taping is encouraged at Gathering of the Vibes provided you follow a few reasonable rules:


  • A/C Power will be provided in the Tapers Section
  • Audio recording is allowed only in Taping Section behind or to either side of the soundboard
  • No mic stands are allowed in front of the soundboard
  • No special ticket will be necessary to tape
  • Soundboard patches are at the discretion of the performers and their audio engineers
  • Sorry — video taping of bands is not allowed
  • Audio Taping is for non-commercial home use only


Unauthorized sale, duplication and/or distribution is strictly forbidden. All performances are property of the performer(s) and Gathering of the Vibes, and all rights are reserved. Selling tapes or CDs recorded at any of our events is strictly forbidden and will cause your karma to take an unexpected turn for the worse.