Items To Bring (And Not)

GOTV2014-Jerry-DollAs you know summer weather can range from hot and sunny to cool and breezy, so we suggest you prepare for both. Things to bring include: tents, sleeping bags and other camping gear, rain gear, warm clothing, flashlights, coolers, shorts and tee’s, bathing suits, toi­letries, tarps and tapestries for shade or weather protection, acoustic instruments, drums, batteries, frisbees and footbags, bug spray, Twister, garbage bags, sun screen, bubbles, face paint, friends and kind vibes!
There will be a wide variety of food vendors on-site who will be cooking up delicious meals all weekend! We’ll have a convenience store on-site that will be jam-packed with lots of food, ice, water, juice, soda, coffee and supplies. There will also be a heady assortment of microbrews on tap for you 21-and-over folks. Plan on bringing whatever else you think you’ll need.

Good Things

  • tents
  • sleeping bags
  • camping gear
  • rain gear
  • warm clothing
  • flashlights
  • coolers
  • bathing suits
  • toi­letries
  • tarps
  • tapestries
  • acoustic instruments
  • drums
  • batteries
  • frisbees and footbags
  • bug spray
  • garbage bags
  • sun screen
  • friends
  • good vibes

Bad Things

  • Nitrous, balloons and all illegal substances
  • Glass; bottles or containers of any kind. (Don’t forget to transfer your ketchup, salsa, & jelly, etc, into plastic)
  • Fireworks, open fires, tiki torches, chinese lanterns
  • Weapons or any item that could be used as a weapon, including: baseball bats, golf clubs, hatchets, and any knife/blade over 3”
  • Dogs or any other pets
  • Box trucks
  • Kegs, mini kegs and beer balls
  • Bulk merchandise for retail. Please store it or leave it at home unless you have a Vibes vending license
  • Portable generators are not permitted
  • Radio controlled devices
  • bad vibes

Confiscated items will not be returned – PLEASE LEAVE THESE ITEMS HOME


If you are 21 years of age or older, you will be permitted to bring canned beer with you to enjoy at your campsite. Canned beer is not permitted outside of the camping areas. You may not bring beer from your campsite onto the concert field, vendor areas, etc. Please have your ID ready. Again: NO GLASS BOTTLES! Nobody likes cut feet. If you have alcohol and are under 21, it will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave Gathering of the Vibes. Just like anywhere else, we will not allow underage drinking. You are not allowed to bring beer balls or kegs to Gathering of the Vibes. You will also not be permitted to bring your coolers or pre-purchased beer from the camping areas to the concert field or anywhere else in the venue; please leave both at your campsite to enjoy when you’re chillin’ between sets.

Food Drive

Don’t forget to bring non-perishable food items! For many years now, the VibeTribe has been packing and bringing a little extra food and together we’ve made hefty contributions to local food banks. This year is no exception! Please bring non-perishables, canned goods, pastas, soups, juices and fat free items from home. It’s a simple way that we can give to the city of Bridgeport.

Environmental Impact

Here are some Green Vibes, pre-festival packing tips to help lighten the environmental impact.

  • Carpool: the less stuff you stack, the more people you can pack!
  • Bring reusable water bottles
  • Avoid bringing food that spoils easily and/or is individually wrapped
  • Think reusable before you buy disposable
  • Bring bags for garbage and recycling
  • Avoid styrofoam coolers
  • Smokers: please don’t use the field and park as your ashtray
  • Consider borrowing camping equipment before buying new gear
  • If you have to buy new, recycle the box before you arrive on-site
  • Avoid bringing unnecessary items that become pesky waste: silly string, confetti, glow sticks, packing peanuts, etc.

Water Policy

Attendees passing through the ticketing entrance as Day-Ticket holders may enter with:

  • 1-24 oz sealed water bottle per person may pass through the security check point. No Coolers.
  • Empty hydration packs, or empty water bottles up to 1 gallon, may be brought into the festival and filled at our free filling stations.
  • If you arrive with an opened container, you will have to empty it, however, there will be free filling stations located in the Food Court.

Attendees walking from the camping areas into general assembly areas may pass through security check points with:

  • 1-24 oz sealed or unsealed water per person. No coolers.
  • Any non-alcohol beverage purchased from a food vendor may pass through security check points.
  • Per state law, you cannot bring alcohol into the concert or general assembly areas.
  • Any container larger than 24 oz needs to be emptied and can be refilled at our free water station (located at the Food Court)
  • Empty hydration packs, or empty water bottles up to 1 gallon, may be brought into General Assembly and filled at our free filling stations.