By Bill Clifford

File this one away under one of those ….. did that really happen … moments?

Yes, indeed VibeTribe, Strangefolk, the original four members did just perform together on the Vibes stage for the first time since 2000. And it was every bit as outstanding as many of us remember from this band – in fact, even better, considering their maturity and musical bond. Strangefolk just performed one of the most epic at dusk set’s Gathering of The Vibes has ever experienced.

The opener “Valhalla,” set the tone right away, showcasing the mesmerizing, soothing vocal harmony between electric electric guitarist John Trafton, acoustic guitarist and lead vocalist Reid Genaur and bassist Eric Glocker. There’s a brotherly quality amongst the trio, and a musical tightness the many younger bands should strive for, and drummer Luke Smith is in sync with there every musical transition and direction. Lyrically the song details family dynamics amongst a big family. And it’s always a fan favorite, as it was at Seaside Park.

Deeper in, “Stout Hearted Man,” was a showcase for the subtleties of r’s Genaur’s buttery smooth vocals. “A Great Long While” and “Westerly” we’re each mid-set musical peaks, where the energy between band and audience just went over the top, built by awe-inspiring fretwork on the electric from Trafton and a slick bass and drum rhythm.

Genaur made the announcement that the original quartet will return to perform at the famed Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY. over the Thanksgiving weekend. The band encored, very fittingly considering the song’s chorus and premise and also the festivals roots with The Grateful Dead’s, Touch Of Grey.

One can only hope that this reunion run from one of the VibeTribe’s original members means that more performances, and maybe even new songs, are inline for Strangefolk.