Where do I park if I am not camping?

Single Day Ticket Holders, Bridgeport Residents and Weekend Campers who wish to commute to and from Vibes have several options for parking and transportation.

Vibes is once again partnering with some awesome hotels, super close to Seaside Park! Please see participating hotels listed here. Shuttle Bus Passes are available at the Hotels or at Vibes Box Office on site for $20.00 to ride the whole weekend!

For those of you living locally and not staying in our hotels, Day Parking is available for $20.00 per day. Follow the signs for Day Parking!

Shuttles are free from our Day Parking Lots and also from the Port Jefferson Ferry and the Metro North Station.

Any route you choose, we’ll get you right to the gate, no hassles!

Do you have a layaway plan?

We do! Unfortunately last day for layaway was June 20th 🙁 Check back next year for a chance to pay for your tickets over time with our layaway plan.
If you have purchased a layaway ticket and have any questions about the program, please visit our layaway page, or call the office and we will be happy to help!

Tell me about the Parking fee. What’s the deal?

For Weekend Campers, there is an additional $20 per VEHICLE parking fee, payable on site (this includes cars and RVs). This fee is in addition to your Weekend Camping Pass.

If you have a VIP Weekend Camping Pass, there is no charge for parking.

If you walk, ride a bike, skateboard, catch a bus, taxi or camel into the Vibes, then there is no additional parking fee

I bought a Weekend Camping Pass. Now I’m thinking I want to go VIP! Can I upgrade to VIP?

Provided tickets are still available, you may call the office (203) 908-3030 and upgrade your Weekend Camping Pass to VIP at any time in advance of the show. You may also upgrade your ticket at the gates, if we haven’t sold out.

Can I choose where I camp? Or reserve a space ahead of time?

For general camping, there is no way to determine where you will be camped until you get to Vibes.

I don’t have kids but I want a quieter camping experience. Should I camp in Family Camping?

You may camp in Family Camping but this does not guarantee it will be quiet! There will be very young children who most likely wake up early, babies crying at night, etc. It will be a different camping experience, but not necessarily “quiet”. You may sign up below!

Family Camping Request Form

I would like to camp in a sober area. How can I do this?

Every year, the Wharf Rats set up a sober camp somewhere in the Family Camping area. This year, we are going to pre-register folks for sober camp using the form below.

Wharf Rats Camping Request

I have a DMV Handicap parking placard. Is there an area to camp closer to the concert field?

We do have a Handy Camping area. To qualify for Handy Camping, you need a state issued DMV placard or a letter from your doctor explaining your limited mobility issue. We will accommodate as many campers as possible but Handy Camping fills up before the show. Please register early to guarantee a spot! Please limit one Handy Pass per request as this area fills up quickly.

Handy Camping Request Form

Note: There are an extremely limited number of spots for Handy RV’s. Please contact the office once you have purchased your RV pass if you will need to be parked near the Handy Camping area.

I will have children with me and would like to camp in a Family Friendly area. How can I reserve a spot?

Vibes prides itself on being one of the most family-friendly music fesitvals in the business. Please submit your request using the form below. We will be happy to accommodate you on a first-come-first-served basis. Please check out our “Kids and Families” page for info on all our great kids and teens activities!

Family Camping Request Form

What is the difference between Campgrounds, Concert Area/Net Assembly and Festival Grounds?

Campgrounds are the areas where you camp and can only access with a Weekend or VIP Camping Pass. Concert Areas and Net Assembly are where the stages are and are accessible by anyone with the appropriate Day Ticket or Weekend Camping Pass. Festival Grounds is everywhere! While you may bring outside food and beverage into the Campgrounds, you may not bring any outside food or beverages into the designated Concert Areas. Things that are prohibited on the Festival Grounds are not allowed anywhere (see Water rules for exceptions!)

I want to leave Vibes on foot to get more supplies/food/beer.

You are welcome to leave site as you wish to get more supplies (On foot is a great choice, we also recommend local taxi-cabs, as leaving and reentering via car is prohibited).

However, please keep in mind, we do not allow outside food, coolers or alcohol of any kind into the general attendee/concert area, this is only permitted in the camping areas. Once you are done with your excursion, if you are camping on the East Side of the festival please enter at North Grove Box office, near the Arches, and go directly into the campground with your cooler or alcohol. Likewise, if you are camping on the West Side, you have to enter on the West. You may either return to the Arches and take a shuttle over or have your taxi-cab driver drop you off at the Mid-West Camping Entrance.

Don’t forget to leave your wristband on! You will not be allowed back in with a wristband that has been removed, cut, etc.

What about open-pit campfires, tiki torches, and chinese lanterns?

For everyone’s safety we cannot allow open-pit campfires, tiki torches or Chinese lanterns. You may, however, bring charcoal and/or propane grills and stoves to cook on. They must be accompanied by a fire extinguisher that is valid for 2015. Please see grilling question above.

What are my grilling and/or stove options?

Both charcoal and propane grills are permitted. All propane cylinders must be sized 20 pounds (5 gallons) or less and must be certified. All propane cylinders must be re-certified 12 years after manufacture date and every 5 years thereafter (see you local propane dealer for more details). Any grill or stove must be accompanied by a fire extinguisher that is valid for 2015.

Can I camp Sunday night and leave first thing Monday morning?

Everyone must leave on Sunday evening, after the Main Stage music ends. Sadly, there are no exceptions.

Can I camp with my friends?

Sure! If you want to camp with your friends, you must caravan to the show and drive in together.

Can I camp next to my car?

As much as possible we will try to camp everyone next to their car, space and weather permitting

Can I camp if I’m just coming for one day? I will leave first thing in the morning.

In order to camp even one night at Vibes, you must purchase a Weekend Camping Pass. Single-Day Tickets do not allow access to the campgrounds.

Is the Weekend Camping Pass per vehicle, or per person?

Everyone in your vehicle must have their own Weekend Camping Pass to enter the venue. Weekend Camping Passes will be on sale at the gate, provided we do not sell out.

I only want to camp for one night. Do I still need to purchase the whole Weekend Camping Pass?

Yes, if you want to camp for even just one night, you need to purchase a Weekend Camping Pass. We do not have one-night camping options but, take our word for it, once you’re camped, you will want to stay!

What does the Weekend Camping Pass include? Do I need another ticket to get into the concert area?

Your Weekend Camping Pass enables you to camp, see all the music on every stage — including the Late Night Stage — plus all the vendors, roaming performers, and good times the Vibes has to offer. Vibes opens its gates at 10 am on Thursday only to those who have purchased Weekend Camping Passes.