What a difference a few hours can make, right? When we left you all last night(or early morning, depending on how you look at it…), the rain was still falling, lightly. This morning, we awoke to cloudless blue skies (or maybe I should say, …Bleau Skies,) and abundant sunshine and warmth. Good morning indeed VibeTribe!

And what better musical awakening than that of long standing Vibes festival regulars, The Ryan Montbleau Band. How do you like your eggs, VibeTribe? Montbleau takes his “Scrambled In The Morning.” And apparently, many of the Tribe agree, and stumbled out of bed, over to the dry mud in front of the stage to join in the revelry, drawn by his soulful alto.

There’s something about Vibes, Montbleau and glorious sunshine. It brings out the best in the crowd, and our energy spills over towards the band and drives it’s performances – always stellar here at Seaside Park. The Eddie Hinton nugget, from Montbleau’s New Orleans based solo CD – For Hire – was a great sing-a-long, Bleau enticing the crowd to join in on the gospel rooted chorus. Similar vibes would inspire the set throughout.

How far Montbleau has come, no longer leaning on the crutch – his once ever present stool. Now he’s a classic showman. “This song is about being in a relationship and everything’s going along just fine,” he said. “Then all of a sudden, they do something and it’s like …. You’re crazy!” as he moved into “You Crazy You.” And the bouncy “I Can’t Wait” had the crowd singing along with the band. Their cover of “Jet Airliner” – the Paul Pena original, recorded with Jerry Garcia,- was funked up and jazzy, and we all were along for the ride. Closer, “Here At All” looked at the life one leads, through the prism of success.

Later, Bridgeport’s own and VibeTribe originators, Deep Banana Blackout brought the funk back to Seaside Park and Gathering of the Vibes. And I do mean … they BROUGHT IT, old school!!! Opener “Getchya” is the perfect song to get the VibeTribe in the mood and grooving. Once the band had us eating out of its hands, it was time to get on the Train – the “Memphis Train.”

FrontWomen Jen Durkin is a soul train leading us on down the line, with deep bellowing pipes for vocals. Nola joined the band on percussion and long time DBB guest Mystic Bowie also with a guest rap, and then Kung Fu’s Todd Stoops, joined in on keyboards on the old school jam, “Busting Loose,” which also included an all band percussion jam.

It was amazing to be in the crowd with many in their mid twenties, getting down and getting off and experiencing music that was older than themselves. The band closed out their set with one of it’s most popular funky numbers, “Ruby,” with Durkin belting it out mid-song and guitarist Fuzz Fuzzman wailing the song to a big rock end, replete with hand claps and a huge cheer.