I am staying at a hotel. Are there shuttles running to and from the venue?

If you booked a hotel at one of the selections we have on our website, then we will be providing shuttle service for a nominal fee. For $20 per person, you can ride the shuttle from your hotel to the show, as many times as you like all weekend! Here is our “Hotel Page” with info on booking your hotel reservation today.

I want to stay in a hotel, do I need to purchase a Weekend Camping Pass?

Well, that depends! If you want to attend the Vibes on Thursday or stay after the Main Stage closes for ANY of the Late Night Stage acts, you will need to purchase the Weekend Camping Pass. You also need a Weekend Camping Pass if you want to visit any of your friends’ campsites. However, if you just want to attend Fri, Sat & Sun during the day, leave after the Main Stage closes, and not enter the campgrounds, you may purchase Single-Day Tickets. Rock on, either way!