Bob Weir & Bruce Hornsby with Branford Marsalis

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bob-weirAlthough best known as one of the founding members of the Grateful Dead, adding Dead staples such as "Truckin", "Sugar Magnolia," and "Cassidy" to the band's catalog, Bob Weir obtained a long and affluent music career that has allowed him to do what he loves and share it with others for nearly his entire life.   By any standard, Bruce Hornsby has built one of the most diverse and adventurous careers in contemporary music. Drawing from a vast wellspring of American musical traditions, the singer/pianist/composer/bandleader has created a large and remarkably accomplished body of work that's employed a vast array of stylistic approaches, while maintaining the integrity, virtuosity and artistic curiosity that have been hallmarks of his work from the start.   NEA Jazz Master, renowned Grammy Award®-winning saxophonist and Tony Award® nominee Branford Marsalis is one of the most revered instrumentalists of his time. Leader of one of the finest jazz Quartets today, and a frequent soloist with classical ensembles, Branford Marsalis embodies a commitment to musical excellence and a determination to keep music at the forefront. [/two_third] [one_third_last]