As the sun shines on us at this weekend at beautiful Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT next week (July 31 – Aug 3), we’ll be using its natural, sustainable power to keep your phone charged for the entire festival weekend!

Keeping your mobile device charged during Gathering of the Vibes has never been greener nor easier than with our unique SUN S.P.E.C.K. (Solar Powered Electronic Charging Kiosk)! Simply purchase a battery from us at Solar-Go Productions… when the battery runs low, bring it back to us at one of our onsite kiosks and we’ll swap it out for another fully charged battery. We’ll re-charge the dead batteries using the sun’s power.

Nerd Specks

Our portable, dust-proof, waterproof Thin Light-weight 5000 mAh Li Polymer portable charging battery comes with a uniquely designed, very durable case made of rubber silicone. The battery has a 4-LED display which gives you the battery capacity as well as the charging and discharging status and it’ll let you know the percent of battery life remaining in your phone. Four lights on = 95% to 100% capacity. One light on = time to recharge the battery! The batteries also come equipped with a state of the art battery control chip which prevents over charging or over discharging. The Solar-Go standard 5V output will charge just about any mobile phone on the market. Forgot your cable? No worries! We’ll also have cables available for your use.


We’re providing you with the option to make a one-time online advance payment of $30.00, which allows you to pick up a battery at one of our three locations on the festival grounds at Gathering of the Vibes. This price includes one exchange per day of a similar, fully charged battery at no additional cost! This online advance pricing of $30.00 ends at midnight on July 30th. After midnight on July 30th, you may purchase a battery onsite at the festival for $40.00. A portion of each sale will be donated to the Terrapin Foundation Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to stimulating financial and inspirational support to encourage the Arts, enrich our communities, and preserve natural resources.

Gathering of the Vibes Keepsake Batteries are available for advance purchase online at reduced pricing while supplies last. After making your online advance payment, you may pick up your purchase at any one of our onsite locations at the festival. Gathering of the Vibes Keepsake Batteries will also be available onsite for $40.00 while supplies last… we have a limited number, so act fast and “Stay charged, my friends!”

It’s our goal to keep you charged up all weekend long. With one easy battery sale/rental system, you’ll never miss a beat, a photo or a video… so order your Limited Edition Gathering of the Vibes Keepsake Battery online now, and stay charged, my friends!

Reserve your Gathering of the Vibes battery here!