I am coming just for the day. Where do I park?

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There will be several lots for Day Parking and each will have shuttle service to and from Vibes. When you get close to the venue, please follow the signs to the Day Parking Lots. No one should have to wait more than 15 or 20 minutes for a shuttle. Shuttles will run from 9:00AM until 4:00AM. Your parking fee will include unlimited shuttle rides for that day.

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I need to leave the venue with my car and drive back in. What is the procedure for this?

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Re-entry by car is prohibited. If you must leave the venue, by car or on foot, please leave your wristband on. You will not be allowed back in with a wristband that has been removed, cut, etc. There will be no way to leave the venue by car during the main ingress during Thursday/Thursday night. If you need to leave Thursday evening, please plan to leave your car outside of the venue in one of our Day Parking lots and take a shuttle. The safety...

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