I live in Bridgeport and heard that Vibes offers discounted tickets for Bridgeport residents, is this true?

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It is! These specially priced tickets are three day passes, good for all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The cost is $75 for a three-day pass. That’s all three days for less than the normal price for just one day. Bridgeport Resident Tickets are non-camping tickets and are on sale at the gate only, starting Friday morning at 10 am. You must show photo ID with a Bridgeport address. One ticket per resident. These tickets allow you entry to the...

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I am thinking of buying a ticket from a friend, off Craigslist, E-bay, or other. Is that a good idea?

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We strongly recommend that you only purchase tickets from the Gathering of the Vibes website. Exercise extreme caution when considering purchasing from an unknown source, as each print-at-home ticket has a unique bar code. Once scanned, the ticket is void. DON’T GET SCAMMED It doesn’t matter whose name is on the ticket; if the ticket comes up having already been scanned at the gate, you will need to purchase a new ticket at the full...

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