2012 Vibes Line-Up Highlights

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Good morning Vibe Tribe, So our weekend entertainers have been announced! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts about the line-up for GOTV 2012! Is there a particular band you are surprised to see on the line up? Is there a band you are excited to have returning to the festival? Or maybe you’re most pumped about a band whose music you’ve heard but have yet to see and hear play live? Share your thoughts below (keep ‘em clean, VibeTribers!) with...

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Camping Elf

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I love my job here at the Vibes. I appreciate getting to talk to the many different types of people who make up the VibeTribe. By far, my most memorable calls leading up to Vibes 2011 were from 3 or 4 different moms & dads sending their children off to the Vibes, in some cases, for the first time. They were all-grown-up hippies to a certain extent; their real concerns focused on what would keep their young adults hydrated, comfortable, and...

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