What does my RV Pass include? Do I also need to purchase Camping Passes?

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Your RV Pass allows you to bring in your RV or other combined car-pulling-a-trailer set-up that is 25 feet or more in length. Each person who enters in the RV must also have a Weekend Camping Pass (including the driver). Did we mention that RV Passes are sold on a first-come-first-served basis and sell out quickly?! There are no specific location reservations for RV parking. This includes VIP RV Pass...

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Tell me about the Thursday Early-Entry fee. What’s the deal?

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For Weekend Campers we offer Thursday entry as a bonus day to come in and get set-up and see some music. If you choose to come in on Thursday, there is an additional $20 per VEHICLE parking fee, payable on site (this includes cars and RV’s). This fee is in addition to your Weekend Camping Pass. If you have a VIP Weekend Camping Pass, there is no charge for early entry. Early entry ends at Midnight on Thursday night (into Friday morning)....

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I want to stay in a hotel, do I need to purchase a Weekend Camping Pass?

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Well, that depends! If you want to attend the Vibes on Thursday or stay after the Main Stage closes for ANY of the Late Night Stage acts, you will need to purchase the Weekend Camping Pass. You also need a Weekend Camping Pass if you want to visit any of your friends’ campsites. However, if you just want to attend Fri, Sat & Sun during the day, leave after the Main Stage closes, and not enter the campgrounds, you may purchase Single-Day Tickets. Rock on, either way!

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