Boating and Sailing at Vibes

Vibes Welcomes Seafarers!

Gathering of the Vibes welcomes motor and sailing vessels from across the region to Seaside Park. Please follow along below for the Boating rules and contact the Vibes Hotline (203) 908-3030 with any questions. The VibeTribe looks forward to welcoming you ashore!

Boating and Sailing Rules

  • Access to the Vibes by boat is welcomed, but small craft may not be brought into the festival. This includes kayaks, sail boards, inflatable rafts, or any other watercraft that are carried in, or packed in or on the roof of your vehicle. Please, leave these at home. You will not be able to bring them into the festival and will be turned away at the entrance.
  • Attendees arriving at the Vibes by boat may come ashore only at the protected cove near Remington Beach on the East End of Seaside Park. No other waterfront access is available. Please use the safe-harbor area for boating access to the festival. It will be well marked with buoys and flags. We appreciate your cooperation in helping maintain the integrity of the fragile shoreline and ecosystem at Seaside Park.
  • All attendees desiring entry into the Festival from their boat must have a printed ticket or a wristband before they can come ashore inside the park. Tickets can be purchased in advance through the Vibes website, or you can purchase a wristband at the Festival Box Office located near 1 Park Ave (near the Arches entrance to Seaside Park) during the festival. The Vibes Waterfront team will be available to assist in transporting patrons arriving by boat from our Waterfront Base Camp area to the Box Office to redeem pre-purchased tickets for wristbands, but to come ashore at the Vibes you must have either your pre-printed ticket or your wristband.
  • Boating patrons holding single-day tickets, single-day VIP tickets or Bridgeport/CT resident tickets must have a Vibes Escort in order to travel to and from the Waterfront Base Camp landing beach and the Concert area. The campgrounds are off-limits to patrons with single day or local resident tickets. Call the Vibes Hotline or check-in with the Waterfront Ambassador Team when you come ashore for more info or to arrange for an escort back to your boat.
  • Vessels arriving via water may call the Vibes Hotline at (203) 908-3030 or hail the Vibes Waterfront Ambassador Team on VHF Channel 69 during the festival for direction into and out of port, information on local conditions and for instructions on purchasing tickets.
  • No vessels will be allowed to come ashore on the western waterfront of Seaside Park under any circumstances. Vessels anchoring along the western waterfront or in Bridgeport Outer Harbor do so at their own risk. Boating in these areas is at your own risk and will not provide you with shore access to the Vibes. Please use our landing area in the protected cove to the east.
  • Attendees wishing to dock large vessels for overnight or extended long-term stays are welcome to contact Captain’s Cove Seaport or Dolphin’s Cove Marina in Bridgeport for slip availability and information. Taxis and other land transportation are available between these nearby marinas and the Vibes Box Office. If you are first arriving by boat and need to purchase your festival wristband, this is the way to go! Both Captain’s Cove and Dolphin’s Cove provide facilities to help you get settled for the weekend. Plus it’s only a 5-minute cab ride from either marina right to the front door of Vibes!
  • A Vibes Waterfront Ambassador vessel will be on station in Bridgeport Harbor to assist in arrivals and departures. Boat launch rides will not be available, so please plan accordingly. Dinghies, kayaks and other small landing craft are welcome to come ashore at the protected cove near Remington Beach on the East End of Seaside Park. The landing area will be clearly flagged.
  • Bridgeport Marine Police Units will maintain a presence throughout the event and are available to assist in the event of an emergency. Please hail the Bridgeport Police Unit and US Coast Guard on VHF Channel 16 at any time for emergency assistance
  • No coolers may be brought inside the venue so please leave your supplies on your boat. Attendees entering via the waterfront will be allowed to bring 1-24 oz. sealed or unsealed water bottle per person. Remember, there’s lots of great food and beer available inside the festival!

Vibes Boating Map

Important Boating and Sailing Contacts

Tickets & Information
203-908-3030 (Vibes Hotline)

Vibes Waterfront Ambassador Team
VHF 69

Captain’s Cove Seaport
VHF: 18

Dolphin’s Cove Marina

Bridgeport Police Marine Unit
VHF: 16

Metro Taxi