The Primate Fiasco

Saturday at 11:15 AM on the Green Vibes Stage

Although they commonly rage the stage as the headliner, The Primate Fiasco started as a street band roaming around sidewalks and amusement parks.

Impromptu street corner parties quickly got the band invited into venues, private events, and of course festivals were they more often than not leave the audience clawing at the stage for more. To the surprise of many traditional jazz enthusiasts, a devoted following of non-jazz listeners quickly assembled across the North East. After studio CDs, radio play, and several cities taken, the stage show has evolved but the band can still be found on a street corner when feeling nostalgic.

With influences from Motzart to Radiohead to Grateful Dead to Duke Ellington, it’s hard to pigeon-hole The Primate Fiasco but the audience has spoken. No one feels out of place on the dance floor, not even the people who are dancing for the first time in their life (a common sight at a fiasco show). The lyrics are captivating and unique while the music burns at high temperatures, ever changing in form and often improvisational. They’ve been known to shock their fans with live renditions of entire albums such as Sgt Pepper, Zeppelin IV, The Wall, Appetite For Destruction, and countless other stage antics that were unexpected for instruments of this nature.

Currently, The Primate Fiasco is working on their second studio album and expanding their tour map from New England to anywhere in the world that needs to dance.

The Primate Fiasco has shared the stage with Arlo Guthrie, Martin Sexton, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and many other talents.

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February 4, 2015