The Disco Biscuits with Mickey Hart & Bill Kreutzmann


With nearly twenty years of history together as a band, The Disco Biscuits are innovators of the “trancefusion” movement in modern rock. That said, they’re not the same band they were when they began in 1995 at the University of Pennsylvania. They still remain rock pioneers whose soul belongs as much to marathon dance parties as it does to live improvisational journeys. They still employ emerging technologies to help them create music that is 100 percent human although, perhaps, not entirely of this earth.

Bill Kreutzmann & Mickey Hart are known to Vibes fans as the beating heart of The Grateful Dead. Besides performing as The Rhythm Devils, Kreutzmann, the steady hand behind the kit – has also performed with his own trio, The BK3, as well as with another band called 7 walkers. Hart has toured with The Mickey Hart Band or The Rhythm Devils on and off since 1996. Together, they’ve been the foundation of rhythm and percussions, rising above and beyond most rock drum stereotypes with various excursions of percussion and rhythm.

With only select shows scheduled for 2014, when The Disco Biscuits take the stage, it is not to be missed. Add in this amalgamation of beat and you have a sweet blend of trance heavy dance rock and globe spanning, tribal rhythms and funk!

We couldn’t be happier to present this line up to the VibeTribe. This is one performance you’ll not want to pass up!

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January 28, 2015