Steve Kimock

Combining Steve Kimock, one of the leading improvisational guitarists around, with Bernie Worrell, co-founding keyboardist of Parliament/Funkadelic (and a performer with Talking Heads) delivers synergistic funky music, along with inspiring soulful sounds. Steve Kimock (part of Marin County’s beloved band Zero, the first post-Grateful Dead “Furthur Tour” with “The Other Ones,” and later “Phil and Friends” plus many more) and Bernie Worrell (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member) bring their musical chemistry to the stage this summer with new songs, a powerful rhythm section and special guest vocalist.

A master of improvisation for nearly four decades, Steve Kimock has been inspiring music fans with his transcendent guitar speak, voiced through electric, acoustic, lap and pedal steel guitars. While one can say that his genre is rock, no one niche has ever confined him. Instead, through the years, he’s explored various sounds and styles based on what’s moved him at the time, whether it’s blues or jazz; funk or folk; psychedelic or boogie; gypsy or prog-rock; traditional American or world fusion.

Threaded through this expansive and highly nuanced musical landscape is Kimock’s signature sound, the prodigious product of his ability to articulate crystal-clear tone, melody and emotion into intricately woven music crafted with technical brilliance. His passion and devotion to performing live is matchless, and his unparalleled ability to embrace and capture his audiences musically is the stuff of legends.

Kimock co-founded the jazz/rock band Zero in the ’80s and KVHW in the ï90s; since then, he has recorded and toured in various outfits under his own name. His collaborations with assorted bandmates and groups have provided an endless wellspring of inspiration for the guitarist, and he has shared the stage with a seemingly endless array of international musical luminaries. After almost 40 years on stage, Kimock is more committed than ever to a jubilant spirit of musical diversity „ the same spirit that has fed his desire to pursue an authentic relationship with the guitar since the day he realized his calling.

Bernie Worrell grew up a child prodigy and trained at the New England Conservatory. In the 1970s he teamed with Clinton and worked on groundbreaking funk albums by Parliament and Funkadelic. In the 1980s, Worrell worked extensively with the Talking Heads and is featured in the concert film “Stop Making Sense.” In addition to countless guest sessions, Worrell has a string of solo albums, the latest being last year’s release of jazz standards (given a distinct Dr. Woo treatment). Worrell’s “Standards” also led to the formation of the nine-piece Bernie Worrell Orchestra, which the 68-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is working with in addition to his tenure with Kimock.

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January 28, 2015