New York CityÍsæOuternationalæhas just released Todos Somos Ilegales, a free 18 track genre-bending bilingual mixtape album featuring collaborations with Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, The Nightwatchman), Calle 13 (nine time 2011 Latin Grammy Winner) Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), plus special guest appearances by Tijuana songstress Ceci Bastida, transglobal tropical club DJ Uproot Andy and revolutionary leader Bob Avakian. This record is both sweeping and singular.

Todos Somos Ilegales translates as ñWe Are All Illegalsî and the record is a scathing expose of a system that criminalizes those who produce the wealth it rests upon. Over the course of 11 songs and 8 film-scored interludes,æOuternationalæweaves together stories of the shadowy southern borderland, bringing the isolation, desperation, raw terror and bitter irony of the American past and present into clear focus, uniquely contrasting that with the bandÍs revolutionary vision of an emancipated humanity and a liberated planet.æ

Outernationalæjust released a video for their cover of ïWhen The Ship Comes In,Í currently featured on Amnesty InternationalÍs Bob Dylan tribute, Chimes Of Freedom. The song features legendary Traveling Wilbury and John Lennon collaborator Jim Keltner on drums, who has recorded numerous times with Dylan himself.æ

A recent article onæHuffington Postæsaid it well, ñIf listening to more meaningful music is your New Year’s resolution, you have to peep this band that has come out strong in support of equal rights for all.îæ

In the coming weeksæOuternationalæwill release a video for the first single ñThe Beginning Is Here.î On February 2 the band appeared live at the former CBGBÍs featuring Chad Smith, courtesy of John Varvatos whoætweeted”OUTERNATIONAL and Chad Smith absolutely killed it last night!!!!!! Thanks for everything. You guys are starting a revolution.” æ

In the months ahead the band will continue to spearhead a new cultural upsurge and ñrestore righteous indignation to rock and rollî (New Yorker) with the release of Welcome To The Revolution in spring 2012, which features Chad Smith on drums. Future Rock (produced by Tom Morello) will be released soon after. Recorded at ten-time Grammy Award Winner Jim Scott’s PLYRZ studio, these records capture the intensity that is the Outernationalælive show paired with deep and expansive songwriting and musicianship. æ

Outernationalæhas shared the stage with Tom Morello, Gogol Bordello, G.B.H., The Wailers, Patti Smith, Jello Biafra, Chris Cornell, The Pogues, Anti-Flag, Shooter Jennings, Jenni Rivera, Fishbone, Dub Trio, International Noise Conspiracy.æOuternationalæhas also been featured at SXSW, CMJ, VANS Warped Tour, Bonnaroo Festival, Bamboozle Festival.æ


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January 28, 2015