Lucid was born in a small Adirondack town called Plattsburgh: a place every band should be so lucky to call home. The locals there love live music, and give it their unrelenting support, while several colleges in the area provide a constant stream of new listeners eager to participate in the party. The town is flooded with musicians in one of the tightest and largest (per capita) music scenes in any city in America. On a given Friday night one can walk out of a bar where pulsing mambo beats drive the audience from their seats, into another where a frenzied crowd thrashes to raging death metal, into another where a cover band plays 80s favorites, and likely you will be followed by one or more of these musicians as they hop from band to band to play with their friends for a song or two. It is in this diverse and supportive environment that Lucid grew into adulthood.

The central core of the band has been around for more than seven years, and while here have been lineup changes, Lucid’s current roster has remained steady for the past three: James Armstrong (sax and vocals), Andrew Deller (keyboards and vocals), Kevin Sabourin (guitar and vocals), Chris Shacklett (bass and vocals), Ryan “Rippy” Trumbull (drums and vocals), and Lowell Wurster (percussion, harp, and vocals).

Past members of the band continue to remain a vital part of their infrastructure, aiding in anything from website design to stage production. These members include Jason Recore who ran sound and lights for several years, and Nick Sauvie who has also run sound and lights, as well as aided in t-shirt design, poster design, and the layout of this very website. Once a member of Lucid, always a member of Lucid.

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January 28, 2015