Jimkata is an electro-rock band blending heavy beats, synthy hooks, big guitars, and profound lyricism. Now touring to support their innovative, fan-funded record Die Digital, this Upstate New York based quartet has been tearing up the northeast club and theater circuit and playing to larger and larger crowds wherever it goes, based solely on word of mouth of itÍs energetic live performances.

For what is their first album in two years, they worked closely with Jason “Jocko” Randall to seamlessly mold their electronic and natural instrumentation into a sound with its own soul. During that time they were also in the midst of a 150-show tour schedule that took them from packed nightclubs and theaters to high profile festivals all around the country. There is no doubt that after honing their live show, inspiring a growing community of fans, and making a groundbreaking new album, Jimkata is looking forward to a big year inthe world of rock and roll. Recent traction stemming from the rise of electronic dance music (EDM) has afforded them the opportunity to continue expanding their signature brand of song-oriented electro-rock. Analog synthesizers and heavy bass notes fill the electronic role, while big guitars create space for shredding within the structure of pure indie rock. Over the years they have consistently backed up their reputation for creating high-energy dance parties at such music festivals as Summer Camp, Camp Bisco, and Mountain Jam alongside such diverse acts as Primus, LCD Soundsystem, Pretty Lights & The Roots. For Jimkata fans, however, the show doesnÍt end when the lights come up. Jimkata’s relevant, quotable lyrics create music not just for the fleeting moments, but for the lifestyle of an entire generation.

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January 28, 2015