Cosmic Jibaros

The Gathering of The Vibes couldnÍt be more proud to welcome back this hometown Latin Rock band to the stage, and weÍre certain you’ll agree that they are a worthy addition to the VibeTribe.

Cosmic Jibaros have effectively changed the idea of the typical Latin rock band.The band builds its sound from Latin and Caribbean rhythms, Rock & Roll guitars and World Music influences for a sound thatÍs both cross-cultural and highly danceable. ThereÍs an irresistible pull of traditional Afro-Caribbean beats, interplaying between the congas and timbales, and mixed with urban elements in the deep drum and bass and effects-laden guitar work. These songs are laced with social and political overtones, and are sung primarily in Spanish by charismatic front man Ricardo Reyes.

The Cosmic Jibaros name reflects the blending flavors of the music they make. In Puerto Rico, los jibaros would be something akin to the American ïhillbilliesÍ or ïmountain menÍ- historically known for a more simple and honest connection to the earth and the hard work of living, and with musical tradition to reflect that. The ïcosmicÍ part warns of a modern twist on the old traditions, taking cues from a cross section of World Music and creating an original, Latin progressive sound

As their bandleader Rick Reyes points out, ñYoung latinos today cross all cultural boundaries. They carry with them the history and the culture of where their parents came from but at the same time have an open mind to what is happening now,î he says. ñYou canÍt be a part of this world without being influenced by it as you go. Our music is very much a product of the evolution of Latinos in the United Statesî. The Cosmic Jibaros reflect that and their first album, Yo Soy Del Mundo (I Am Of The World) tells that story.


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January 28, 2015