Beam & Deem

Beam&Deem is the launchpad for the musical musings of Zach Catarelli and Chris Coffey. The genre-dodging duo renders an array of styles and layers saturated with intricacy that play on blends of downtempo, glitch, idm, future garage and beats. The B&D live set is a curation of prerecorded material and showcases original tracks laden with unreleased efforts and edits that are often deconstructed and re-imagined for the listener, lending to a fresh experience that surfaces in each set.

Their latest studio effort ñJust Another Dayî, released in January of 2014, took their sound in an interesting new direction. Created in their West Philly studio, they combined lo-fi techniques with modern recording technology, using hardware and software synthesizers, samples and field recordings to create a dark, curious pallet of sound.

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January 28, 2015