Band Together CT

The feel good thing of Band Together is indescribable.

Founded March 2006 by Rob Fried and Jerry Vigorito, Band Together CT has a vision to create community minded musical events that raise your spirits and lots of money for the community. This year’s line up includes Ada Pasternak, Pete Francis, Andy Abel, Barry Blumenfield, Chris Pike, Jerry Vigorito and Rob Fried.

New York Times says “The feel good thing of Band Together is indescribable.” Our goal is to unite a network of talented musicians and artists with people and organizations interested in raising funds for families in need of a helping hand. The meaningfulness of these performances to our lives articulate four goals: 1) to make and enjoy music, 2) to use our talent and influence to help people in need, 3) to develop a network of supporters for concerts and programs, 4) to get one step Closer to Heaven.

Band Together CT events (40 and counting) helped raise over $1,200,000 for local charities and families. They have worked with Paul Newman and Meryl Streep to raise millions to protect Connecticut farmland. Awards include Citations of Honor from the US Congress,Connecticut State Assembly and CT Governor Rell and Malloy for their community service through music. Both have received the Red Cross 2010 “Hero Award” and 2013 FTC Encore “Artist of the Year” and are a staple on many “Best of” lists.

Rob is in the investment management business,and a family man. As a jazz musician, bassist and composer he has released two CDs, ‘Wind Song’ in 2007 and ‘Water Rhapsody’ in 2009. His original music reveals his enduring fascination with the key elements in nature: wind, water, wood, earth, fire and metal, and seeks to underscore and highlight their relevance in our lives. He performs regularly with The Rob Fried Group, Bone Dry and Stoneband.

Jerry is a licensed mortgage broker, family man and self taught musician, playing harmonica regularly with countless artists of varying notoriety and music styles. His love for Music, over 25 years of performance experience, deep spiritual connection and a dedication to those in need, have all lead him to the Band Together CT Stage. He performs regularly with the acoustic rock band Bone Dry.


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January 28, 2015