Assembly of Dust

Singer Songwriter Reid Genauer, frontman of Assembly of Dust, has described the seminal 1968 studio recording, Music From The Big Pink, by the legendary group The Band and Bob Dylan, as influential in his decision to be a rock musician. ItÍs this rational that has drawn Genauer and AOD a large and dedicated following of music aficionado fans, including those of us in the Vibe Tribe whoÍve known of his songwriting and vocal talents for years, as his original band, Strangefolk, which heÍll also be performing with this weekend, was one of the founding bands to play at the first Vibes festival in 1996.

The allure of spacious production value has clung with Genauer his whole life and when he listened to Ray Lamontagne’s 2010 album God Willin’ & The Creek Don’t Rise, he heard something that struck a chord deep within him. After just a few seconds sniffing around the liner notes he found the name he was looking for and within a couple of months Assembly of Dust was in the studio with engineer Ryan Freeland, to help produce AOD’s fourth studio album, Sun Shot.

Sun Shot is one part Singer-Songwriter, one part Alt-Country and one part Rock and Roll, but the thread tying it all together is Genauer’s heartfelt and beautifully written lyrics. The raw building blocks of Genauer’s songs stand strong on their own and they are polished to brilliance in the hands of the band he’s surrounded himself with: Adam Terrell (Lead Guitar), John Leccesse (Bass), and two newer members Jason Crosby (Piano and Violin) and Dave Diamond (Drums). Together Assembly of Dust has created an album laced with the influences Genauer recognized as a child. It’s a recording with many rooms. Some are flashy and aloof, others bony and pale, but collectively they are Sun Shot.

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January 28, 2015