Andy The Music Man

Sunday at 11:00 AM on the Green Vibes Stage

Andy “The Music Man” Morse is a popular children’s musician renowned for the special way he connects with his audiences. A talented guitarist, mandolin player and songwriter, Andy mingles traditional and original songs and novelty, delighting and involving kids through sing-a-longs, dancing, play-acting and storytelling.

From the moment he appears, Andy reels in the kids and holds their attention. He has a gift for establishing rapport, making each child feel comfortable participating in calling out rhymes or acting out animals or the alphabet. With insights and humor arising from the interaction and inventiveness of the children, Andy’s performances often reach fresh and funny heights.

While all the fun is going on, Andy is also educating. Through gentle lessons that never turn into lectures, he talks and sings about things that are important to children as individuals – brushing teeth, sharing, using good manners, helping out at home – and as members of the greater community: taking care of the Earth and each other.

Andy appears throughout the Capital Region of New York State, where he is based, as well as in the Northeast and New England. Making his mark around the country, he is an in-demand director of Children’s Music Programming at national musical festivals that attract 15,000 to 20,000 persons in Florida, California, Maine, and Connecticut.

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January 28, 2015