Royal Family Ball with Soulive and Lettuce

The Royal Family is the evolution of the Soulive story and all its many chapters. It’s a community and movement of musicians and fans that have been growing together for over a decade. March 2009 marks Soulive’s 10th Anniversary – ten years since Eric Krasno, Alan Evans and his brother Neal Evans got together for the first time at a home studio just outside of Woodstock, NY and recorded Get Down.

The Royal Family is driven by the art and community created by the artists and fans. As such it will be an online community (, which will feature a daily blog, exclusive audio and video content and news about Royal Family artists and the artists that influence them. Soulive’s message boards have long been a place where fans could go and interact with the artist and discuss not only Soulive, but Lettuce, Playonbrother and all the projects in the family. With the Royal Family, all those affiliated artists can finally be found on one site, under one roof.

Soulive will launch their label with the release of their new studio effort Up Here. The LP was recorded in Alan’s new studio in Northampton, MA in the fall of 2008. “This is the Soulive album I’ve always wanted to record – it’s what I’ve been hearing in my head for years,” says Alan, who also tracked and mixed the record. “It’s like when people say ‘if I could go back in time knowing what I know now.’ Well, that’s what we did with Up Here. The session had the vibe and energy of Get Down but with all of our experiences from the past 10 years put down on tape in a very meaningful way.”

While ten years is something to celebrate, Soulive is not a band to look backward. The band is more concentrated on the future than concerned with revisiting its past. Unencumbered by record contract and fully equipped with a state-of-the-art recording studio, Soulive is embracing the new music business model by launching their own record label, “Royal Family Records.” With a focus on digital distribution, the label will be an outlet for all Soulive recordings as well as numerous Soulive affiliated projects such as Lettuce, Eric’s project “Chapter 2”, Alan’s and Neal’s solo records and Break Science featuring Adam Deitch. The label will also sign emerging talent and develop them on tour with Soulive. The first artist to join up is soul singer Nigel Hall, who will release an EP this spring and join the band on the road.