A very big thank you to The Avett Brothers for closing down the circus in grand fashion. Carolina’s stomp-grass kings brought their unique Appalachia to the Vibes for the first time, and were welcomed to the VibeTribe family as they put on a foot stoping hoedown of a festival closer, mixing very high energy bluegrass rave ups with a few slower folky ballads.

“We walked around and it looked like there were some people having a good time. We appreciate you letting us be a part of your good time,” said Seth Avett as they launched into “And It Spread,” an upbeat dust kicker that had fans stomping their feet and clapping there hands. Other songs followed with similar, raging, foot shuffling energy, such as “Tin Man” and “Will You Return.”

The Avetts, Scott on banjo and Seth on acoustic guitar, truly do have sweet, brotherly vocal harmonies. They were showcased on slower, folky ballads, such as “To LIve And Die,” one of two news songs, due on a new record to be released in September, they included in their set tonight, and the lovely heartbreaker, “I Would Be Sad.” But then they’d always come back to the energetic stomp grass that’s quite their trademark.

And being true showman that they are, the brought the house down with a five song encore. The brothers took the stage alone, with just Seth on acoustic and Scott just singing, on the slow, folky murder ballad, “Murder In The City,” written from the perspective of one brother to another. On “Heart Like A Kick Drum,” Scott moved from behind a keyboard to the front of the stage and joined the crowd in handclaps and then moved back to his keys. And closer, “Talk On Indolence” had the crowd chanting the rhythmic chorus, “Because We Had To,” back at the band.

So Vibes 2012 has come to a stomping good time of an end. The Avett Brothers certainly made a case for being invited back to the festival, I am sure we’ll see them again. Watch this space this week for some final words on GOTV 2012.