What if I want to leave Vibes on foot to get more supplies, food, or beer?

You are welcome to leave site as you wish to get more supplies. (On foot is a great choice, we also recommend local taxi-cabs, as leaving and reentering via car is strongly discouraged).
However, please keep in mind, we do not allow outside food, coolers or alcohol of any kind into the general attendee/concert area, this is only permitted in the camping areas. Once you are done with your excursion, if you are camping on the East Side of the festival please enter at North Grove Box office, near the Arches, and go directly into the campground with your cooler or alcohol. Likewise, if you are camping on the West Side, you have to enter on the West. You may either return to the Arches and take a shuttle over or have your taxi-cab driver drop you off at the Mid-West Camping Entrance.
Don’t forget to leave your wristband on! You will not be allowed back in with a wristband that has been removed, cut, etc.

What about open-pit campfires, tiki torches, and chinese lanterns?

For everyone’s safety we cannot allow open-pit campfires, tiki torches or chinese lanterns. You may, however, bring charcoal and/or propane grills and stoves to cook on. They must be accompanied by a fire extinguisher that is valid for 2013. Please see grilling question above.

What are my grilling and/or stove options?

Both charcoal and propane grills are permitted. All propane cylinders must be sized 20 pounds (5 gallons) or less and must be certified. All propane cylinders must be re-certified 12 years after manufacture date and every 5 years thereafter (see you local propane dealer for more details). Any grill or stove must be accompanied by a fire extinguisher that is valid for 2013.